Expert German Auto Transmission Maintenance in Jackson

German Auto Transmission Maintenance

Owning a German car means enjoying the best possible performance and most comfortable drive imaginable. When it comes to performance for your German car, the transmission is a large part of what makes your driving experience so smooth. As the miles add up, your car’s transmission may begin to experience performance issues or accelerated wear & tear. At Automotive Perfection, we specialize in helping German auto owners throughout the Jackson area take proper care of their car’s transmission whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs.

Decades of Experience with German Vehicles

At Automotive Perfection our ASE certified technicians are always undergoing the latest training available for all models of:

Combined with decades of experience, our team is committed to helping you take care of your car, including all transmission-related issues and maintenance. Backed with our 2-yr/24,000-mile warranty, our mechanics will make sure that you can always drive with confidence that your car is taken care of.

Signs Your Transmission is Slipping

While sudden transmission failure can happen, it’s far more likely that you’ll notice signs that something is wrong before any long-term damage occurs. Recognizing these signs early is key to keeping the costs down for your car and preserving performance. Some signs to look for include:

  • Engine revs or chugs
  • Slow or delayed acceleration
  • Grinding or whining noises when shifting
  • Car won’t go into reverse
  • Unusual or burning smells
  • Check engine light stays on

If your car is exhibiting any of these signs or other unusual performance issues, our team is here to help.

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Located in Jackson, Automotive Perfection is proud to help drivers from surrounding areas including:

Whether it’s your transmission or other issues impacting your German car’s performance, our team is here to make it easier to get quality service you can depend on. Please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment or with any questions you may have.