How to Deal With Mercedes Transmission Leaks

Few things are as disconcerting for Mercedes owners as finding leaking transmission fluid under their car. It is enough to send anyone into a panic. Fortunately, there are ways to find help and efficiently handle these leaks. This guide will help you know how to deal with Mercedes transmission leaks.

What Causes Transmission Fluid Leaks?

To understand what to do about transmission leaks in your Mercedes, you must first know why it leaks transmission fluid. Only then can you determine how to fix it. Knowing the causes of problems like transmission fluid leaks helps you understand how to prevent them.

A cracked pan gasket is one of the most common causes of transmission fluid leaks. If your pan gasket is damaged, replace it immediately. Otherwise, transmission fluid will continue seeping out, creating dangerously low levels in your Mercedes and damaging your transmission. Your other seals and gaskets also wear down over time. When you notice a transmission fluid leak, it likely means it is time to replace a seal or gasket.

Another source of transmission fluid leaks is a problem with your torque converter. Your Mercedes has a hydraulic pump responsible for creating pressure in the transmission. If the body of your torque converter is faulty, this pump may cause fluid to leak. You may also have faulty valves or failing solenoids. Valves and solenoids control the flow of transmission fluid into the transmission. When they are damaged or failing, they can cause a transmission fluid leak.

One of the other common causes of transmission fluid leaks is worn transmission lines. Over time, your transmission lines fall victim to wear and tear, eventually causing your transmission to leak. If you have had your Mercedes worked on recently, you may be dealing with a problem of misaligned parts. The issue of misaligned parts is more probable if you had work done by a mechanic who needed to be more knowledgeable about your Mercedes model. They may have misaligned the parts in your transmission and caused a transmission fluid leak.

Transmission Fluid Leak Prevention

Transmission fluid leaks are always stressful. It is vital to do whatever you can to prevent them from happening. If you follow a few simple steps, you may be able to prevent transmission fluid leaks from developing.

First, check your transmission fluid level and clarity whenever you change your oil. Oil changes are an excellent time to identify problems before they become uncontrollable. Also, note the color of your transmission fluid. If the color is not standard, it may indicate an upcoming issue. Next, it is crucial to maintain your seals. Well-functioning seals prevent premature breakdown or degradation of your transmission system.

Multiple automotive products are designed to prevent transmission leaks. Not all of these products are suitable for your Mercedes. Before purchasing and using any of these products you may see advertised, be sure to consult with a professional technician trained to work on Mercedes model cars. Otherwise, your attempt to prevent transmission fluid leaks may end up being the cause of a major transmission problem.

If You Find a Leak

What should you do if you suspect you have a transmission fluid leak? Your first step is to verify that leak. Mercedes Transmission Fluid Level Check Park your car overnight and put a piece of paper underneath the engine. When you check it the following day, see if there is any fluid on the paper. If you changed your transmission recently, it should be dark red and semi-transparent. Over time, with use, it will become darker brick red and have less transparency. If it has become deep, blood-red, or rust-red, you need to service your vehicle soon, and if it is burnt-red or almost black, do not drive it. Get your car to the shop immediately. Lighter fluid colors mean that either water or engine coolant is in the transmission fluid, and milky, foamy, yellowed, or brown fluid indicates that it is bad and you need to replace it. If you see any leaks, contact a trusted Mercedes technician immediately.

Transmissions are costly to repair and replace, so contact us immediately if you suspect any problem with them or your transmission fluid levels. At Automotive Perfection, we care about your car. Our Mercedes-certified technicians will get you back on the road safely as soon as possible. Contact us at any of our locations near Albion, Battle Creek, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Grass Lake, Mason, Spring Arbor, and Jackson, MI.

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