Tips For Preventing MINI Cooper Crank Seal Oil Leak

MINI Coopers are known for their powerful performance and advanced features that set them apart from other cars. However, issues like a crank seal oil leak in your MINI Cooper can take a toll on the performance of your car and lead to serious problems with the functioning of the engine.

There are several factors that can cause the crank seal to spring up an oil leak out of nowhere and here in this article, we will discuss in detail the crank seal oil problem affecting your Mini Cooper.

What Is a Crank Seal?

The crank seal and the crankshaft are both intricately related and the crank seal is located on the front of the engine and acts as a seal for the crankshaft at both ends. The end of the crankshaft where the timing belt is located is called the front crankshaft seal or the timing cover seal.

The crankshaft seal is made up of rubber and metal and plays a critical role in preventing the engine oil from leaking outside by sealing the crankcase of the engine. However, when your Mini Cooper picks up miles, the crank seal like other components undergoes wear and tear leading to engine oil leaks from the crank seal.

Symptoms of a Damaged Crank Seal

There are various symptoms associated with the damaged crank seal in your high-end car. Let us have a look at the symptoms:

Oil Leakage

One of the prominent signs associated with crank seal oil leaks is related to engine oil leaks from your car. The engine oil is a pivotal fluid in MINI Cooper that is responsible for ensuring top performance from your Mini by lubricating the moving components of the engine.

However, when the crank seal of your vehicle is damaged then it can act as a source of engine oil leak in your vehicle. You will find that if the crank seal isn’t damaged so much then there will likely be oil accumulating on the underside of the engine.

However, if the leak is too big then you will find puddles of fluid piling up under the vehicle where you have parked your car.

Check Engine Light

There are various warning lights located on the dashboard of your luxury car and the check engine light is one such warning light. Whenever there are some issues like the crank seal oil leak then it is going to illuminate the check engine light.

However, the problem with check engine light is that it can flash due to a host of other issues and you need to rope in a certified mechanic who with the help of advanced tools would be able to diagnose the real cause behind the flashing of the check engine light.

Factors Causing Crank Seal Leaks

Here are just a few of the common factors that can lead to a crank seal leak in your MINI:

Bad Installation

One of the prominent reasons associated with crank seal oil leaks is related to faulty installation of the crank seal itself. Most of the time it is seen that MINI Owners try to install the crank seal on their high-end car by watching DIY videos and this is where they sow the seeds of a crank seal leak.

The DIY videos aren’t enough to make you learn the intricacies of replacing the crank seal on your own and you must leave it to professional mechanics to avoid other long-term issues or damages.

Wear & Tear

Another leading cause behind the crank seal oil leak is wear and tear that the crank seal faces as your car continues to accrue miles. Like other parts of the car, the crank seal also undergoes wear and tear more so as it is located near the engine of your MINI.

The heat generated by the internal combustion engine also affects the crank seal in the long run leading to its deterioration and ultimately, causing oil leaks.

Automotive Perfection Will Handle Crank Seal Oil Leak

At Automotive Perfection located MINI Cooper Crank Seal Oil Leak Check in Jackson, MI we are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to diagnose the issues affecting your MINI. Our technicians are ASE-certified and have years of experience in handling not only MINI vehicles but also many other German & Asian car brands.

We also serve the residents of Albion, Battle Creek, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Grass Lake, Mason, and Spring Arbor, MI. Call us today to make an appointment and get your crank seal oil leak fixed.

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